Sunday, March 06, 2011


How can you tell a witch from the rest of the population?  Easy.   She’s probably prettier than you.  It’s a bitching thing to say but it’s probably true for most.  I look at my twin witch and that’s what I think.  Yeah we were born identical on the outside but it didn’t last long.  Of course she has been using her glamour mirror.  We were both given one for our birthday a few years ago, I think mine is in three pieces under my bed next to my hockey stick and tennis racket.  Angel’s is wrapped in black velvet and kept in an old carved oak box.  She takes it out and talks nicely to it every day.  Her once coppery hair is now waist length blonde and gently curls.  Her freckles seem to have evaporated and her azure eyes sparkle.  And this is all before we have even morphed into our full on witchyness.


  1. Nice start (is this the beginning of a novel?)! I like the idea of if you treat the mirror nicely, it will reward you with making you look beautiful!

  2. Hi Gayle - this is a new start. I was thinking about the bit we did on the course about beginnings and I recently started this story (I did the end of this story for my assignment) and thought the start was weak so I had another stab at it.
    Thanks for reading :)