Monday, June 06, 2011


Thank you to Pippa Jay for this award.
This one comes with strings so to fulfil the requirements here are seven random facts about myself...
1. Writing is my secret identity, I am really a science technician in a school, maybe I should get a mask.
2. I have a smelly rescue Bull Terrier called Keira, she sleeps a lot and is very cuddly.
3. I can't drive - but I am hoping to rectify this soon.
4. I'm a bottle red - sssh don't tell anyone.
5. I could live on chocolate and red wine.
6. My husband took me on the back of his scooter for the first time ever last week, it was the scariest thing I have done since I was a kid.
7. I'm going to get my belly button pierced for my birthday and I'm doing lots of crunches to make my belly presentable - crunches suck.

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And one for luck although I think she has probably had it ten times over...gayle ramage


  1. You're welcome.
    Oh, I want to be a science technician! I used to do analytical chemistry. Love working in a lab but now I have to find something that works around the kids. :(

  2. Pippa - it's no prob, just work in a school - the holidays rock :)

    Jenny - you are entirely welcome!