Saturday, February 05, 2011

*Contents may be a little offensive*

So this is the same character, Star again, only later on in life. Again it's short as it was another activity for a writing course - anywho I'll stop rambling :)

They were playing the thumping music so loud I could feel it vibrating in my rib cage.  Hot bodies were pressed all around me, jumping to the beat and lights flashed in the darkness.  I looked around but could not see my quarry.  I pushed between the writhing masses and tried to head toward the bar, I might be able to get a better look around from there.  I barrelled out from the dance floor and straight into someone.  A very tall and broad someone.  I looked up and up, about to mouth my apologies when I was caught in a bruising grip and familiar glare.
            ‘What the fuck?’ He said.  I’m not very good at lip reading but even I got that much.
            ‘Ah, hi Josh, fancy meeting you here,’ I rambled on trying to extricate my arms, any harder and I would have a nice set of finger bruises.  He shook his head at me and motioned to the side, I guess he couldn’t hear either. 
Josh clearly didn’t share the same problems getting through the crowd I had, people simply cleared out of his path like Moses parting the Red Sea.  But maybe if I was over six foot and had a natural air of menace about me perhaps I wouldn’t have been getting trampled all night either.  I was not impressed, however, to see I was being hauled into the Men’s toilets.  Josh shouldered the heavy black door and heaved me in after him as I wriggled and literally tried to dig my heels in.  There was a man standing at a long stainless steel urinal.  Nice. 
‘You!’ Josh said loudly in the relevant quiet, ‘Piss off.’ 
The poor man jumped back as if he had been struck and without putting himself away, yes unfortunately I did notice, he staggered out.  I looked resentfully after him.  I could argue with Josh, in fact I would argue with him, but we both knew I wouldn’t win.  My night’s hunting was about to come to an untimely end.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Love Potion

Okey dokes, I've decided this blog will probably always be 'Under Construction' or just constantly evolving so I'll just dive straight in and post some writing. 
This was written as a short activity for a writing course I recently completed...hope you like it!
Love potions are not banned.  Apparently they are not considered ‘dangerous’ enough by the Federation of Witch Hunters to warrant even strict regulation.  Fools.                    
Angel, my sister, blames herself.  I can understand that.  I blame her too.  Before she gave in to her vanity we were leading normal lives.  Well as normal as our kind can.
            The object of Angel’s desire, Brad, was a year above us in school.  Sure he was good looking and he had an apprenticeship at a real professional football club at only sixteen, but he was not a nice person.  Just like his sister Jess, who was unfortunately in most of my classes, he delighted in ridiculing and humiliating people.  Everyone would laugh because they thought he was so cool. Maybe that’s why I didn’t talk Angel out of it; maybe I wanted him to suffer a little bit too. 
Unfortunately we either made it too strong or he was hiding some feelings of lust for Angel that the potion exacerbated the hell out of because one day we were invisible and the next he was a scary, obsessive love machine!  He literally jumped her during morning registration – right in front of the teacher who had to haul him off.  The look of abject horror on Jess’ face almost made it worth it.  No on second thoughts, it didn’t.
            I chewed on already stubby nails and looked at Angel.  She had a slightly shocky expression on her face, that ‘no-one’s home’ look.  I had to get her out of there.  I briefly considered jumping out the window and dragging her back home to cook up an antidote, but there were twenty eight other horror-struck kids in the classroom and I didn’t think we needed to draw more attention to ourselves.  So, stupidly, I decided to wait it out. 
After school I had hockey practice, Angel had a piano lesson and Brad had football.  I knew this because Angel had spent the last three years rushing me to get a quick look at Brad as he came off the pitch.  My brilliant plan was for us to split up, find our teachers and respectively cry off, rush home and make the antidote.  Preferably one you throw in someone’s face.  They work the quickest and Angel could get him after football and make it look like she was in a fit of temper.  What could possibly go wrong?
            Well unfortunately Brad had a brilliant plan of his own.  He lay in wait for Angel behind the music block.  Luckily her screams alerted the teacher but nothing we said could stop him from calling the police and Brad was arrested for attempted rape.  Angel refused to press charges but he still lost his place at the football club, his Dad left his Mum and she overdosed on anti-depressants. 
            Based on this incident the Federation of Witch Hunters are considering reclassifying love potions.

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